Free SLP Baseline Tool: Where to start for success

Feel confident you’re teaching the “right” stuff, setting appropriate goals, and measuring progress efficiently with older speech students

Want access to the Baseline Tool — plus bonus video tutorials — for a crystal clear jumpstart toward big wins and fun in the speech room with your older speech students?


Here’s what you get with the Free SLP Baseline Tool and Bonus Tutorials:

✔️ Baseline tool

A fun (seriously!) History of Legos baseline tool for figuring out what Bloom’s Taxonomy level your student is at. Use it as a starting point or for progress monitoring.

✔️ How to set effective and appropriate goals with the baseline tool

The clearer the goal, the easier it is to lesson plan — and see progress! I use Bloom's taxonomy to think about the hierarchy of critical thinking skills. What should you work on and when? What fundamental skills are needed in order for your students to achieve the next step? I’ll show you how to confidently answer those questions every single time.

✔️ How to elevate your strategy

Learn how to set appropriate goals and see results with your older speech students

✔️ What curriculum to incorporate 

It’s challenging to infuse homeroom curriculum into group settings! Learn how I find ways to incorporate curriculum to help older students achieve global success.

✔️ Applying reading level knowledge  

Learn how I determine students’ independent reading levels and use them to find appropriate materials my older students enjoy. With my tips, you’ll go into lessons confident your students won't be overwhelmed and will learn from the materials you’ve chosen!

You'll feel like you're being the best SLP you can be!

Get instant access to these materials right now plus bonus tutorials! 👉🏻

Are you ready to start planning with ease and confidence?!

Some of the top things I hear from SLPs of older students are…

 “I’m hitting a brick wall with my students. Whatever the issue, I’m not seeing results.” 

"I don't know where to start and what's most important for older students to work on."

“My older students seem bored, frustrated, and unsure of why they’re in speech. Honestly, I’m wondering the exact same thing.”

“As a new SLP, I feel overwhelmed and a little lost at sea. I don’t always know what’s best for my kids and have a lot of questions around WHY we’re teaching things in certain ways.”


If you are feeling any of the above — you’re not alone. We weren’t taught this stuff in grad school!

I’m here to help! I created this baseline tool and bonus videos to:

💥Teach you exactly where to start with older students to get results with ease

💥Get you that quick win. You’ll know you’re teaching the “right” stuff

💥Show you how to set clear, appropriate goals — boosting progress and making lesson planning easier

💥Help you finally see older students excited to learn and take risks

Ready to plan more confidently?!