Quick and easy prep materials for speech and language students grades 4-12!

No more hours spent scrolling for appropriate and engaging resources for older speech students!


(that you cannot get anywhere else!) 

and community support to take the bulk of lesson prep off your plate.

Do you feel like you are the last one to leave the parking lot?

Do you feel like you are drowning in a sea of SLP paperwork and planning?

Or just lost at sea when it comes to knowing where to start to get your older kids smiling and talking?

You’re absolutely NOT alone.

If you’ve found yourself eating lunch at your desk day after day to fit in speech prep as you shovel food into your mouth, well… you’re not alone, friend.


You can get hours of your life back, feel confident in your lessons, AND engage your students more than ever.

No questions! I'm ready for this for my speech students grades 4-12!

"Great resources! Thank you, Hallie! I'm excited about planning for my students"


Life can be more fun in and out of the therapy room

You don’t have to choose between helping your students thrive and having a life outside of work.

Replace the hours spent scrolling TPT with a much-deserved coffee date with a friend.

You can have a work-life balance others aspire to!

And you can have a therapy room filled with the sounds of kids talking and laughing. Yup, even those sometimes harder to crack older kids LOVE speech when you make it fun!

You know that flutter in your heart when a kid talks excitedly about their weekend, after weeks of one-word answers. You can feel that almost every day!

Get energized hearing the patter of kids rushing to go to their favorite class: Speech!

If this isn’t currently your experience... but you want it to be, I can help you make that happen.

And nope: The answer is NOT buying dozens of resources you’ll never use. (SLPs are notorious paper hoarders… so I see you!)

Hey there, I'm Hallie.
As a school-based SLP working full time in the schools, I know all too well the overwhelm that can come from balancing a 60-kid caseload and family.
When I first started working with older students over a decade ago, I had NO idea what I was doing.

But I could tell that every time babyish looking materials came out, the kids shut down. I couldn't find any resources that were truly for older kids. Resources that were fun and could actually encourage them to participate.

I decided to create my own materials to get my students excited to participate and learn. And "Speech Time Fun" and my fun and easy method was born!

Making a difference for SLPs through the use of my materials is something I LOVE just as much as helping my own students. I help SLPs -just like YOU- deliver fun lessons with ease and confidence which allows them to be more present for their students (and their families). 

Member Melissa said "I've planned to use all the materials with my 5th+ kids. It's been such a time saver!"

I love creating time saving materials, but the last thing I want is for you to end up with 500 worksheets without an effective PLAN of what to use and why.

Instead, I want to give you exactly what you need for your students and show you how to use it for a variety of goals and levels.  Let's keep things simple!

I want to save you hours AND help you grow as an SLP by, yes, delivering awesome high interest themed materials I know your students (and you) will love.   You cannot get these resources on TpT!  They are exclusive for SLP Elevate!

I want to show you how to use those resources over and over again so the majority of your lessons with older kids that month are planned!  

Ready to simplify your SLP therapy room for your students grades 4-12?

The fastest way to get your time back and feel confident in lessons for OLDER speech students?


Start raising your SLP confidence and see your older students LOVE coming to your speech room!

(and remember why you love being an SLP!)

Of course, you’ll get ready-to-use resources (hello hours back), but you’ll get so much more!
Here’s what you can expect inside SLP Elevate Membership…

High-Interest Materials Your Students Will Love Learning With

Image motivating your students with themes like video games, social media, You Tube, and more!  Themed bundles are delivered on the first of every month with activities targeting a variety of goals to fit your range of student needs.  No lamination required.  Just print and go what you need! Did I mention you cannot get these on TpT?!  Similar to Speech Time Fun TpT activities but even better!

Target Tons Of Goals With Ease

Materials to target common goals of older speech students such as main idea, context clues, summarizing, predicting, inferential questions, cause/effect, and more!  Makes it easy to adapt resources to target goals and plan for mixed groups too!

No More Wondering How To Use Materials

A monthly video where I go through HOW to use the resources so you aren’t spending even more time trying to figure out how to adapt the resources to multiple goals. I’ll show you exactly how I’d plan out most of my month using this bundle so that you can do the same.

No More Feeling Alone

You get access to a Facebook community of likeminded SLPs using the resources along side of you.  Bounce ideas, celebrate wins, ask questions, and more!

No More Confusion

You have access to Hallie to ask questions and get support you need. We know what it is like to be the only SLP in your building or district.  In SLP Elevate, you have support to walk into work each day with clarity and confidence.

Build Your Confidence Knowing Where To Start and Go With Older Students

Knowing where to start with your older students will help you generate goals that are relevant and effective. By having an understanding of WHY you are working on those goals and HOW to teach it differently, you will feel confident in your sessions and see tons of student progress

Cancel at Any Time

Monthly subscriptions are billed month to month. Annual subscriptions are billed year to year. No contract. No obligation. You can cancel your membership at any time.

You can’t get engaging materials like this anywhere else

Ready-to-use resources, easy how-to videos, a supportive community of other SLP’s, and access to me monthly for any of your SLP questions.

It’s all the GOOD stuff, like: leisurely dinner with your kids and kick your feetup on the deck on weekends GOOD stuff!


All The Goodies You Get With the SLP Elevate Membership:

  • Monthly High-Interest Themed Materials Exclusive for SLP Elevate and not available on TpT that will cover all of your goals for the month

  • Videos on How to Use the Resources and Plan 

  • Deeper-Dive Supporting Resources

  • Exclusive SLP Support Community

  • "Direct Line to Hallie" support line to ask questions

  • Foundational Hierarchy Skills Training

  • Ability To Cancel at Any Time

"The summer bundle is amazing! Just glancing through it makes me want to start back to school right now in order to start using it!! Thank you so much for these high quality resources."


What does the research say?

SLP Elevate resources incorporate graphic organizers to help students focus on what is important and understand what is expected of them for responses.

Students with ASD and LLDs often struggle to understand relationships among critical concepts.  They require explicit instruction in how content is related to background knowledge so they can make inferences.  (Ward-Lonergan & Duthie, 2016)

Can be used to identify salient details.  Can be used to minimize extraneous information that frequently distracts students from the most important content

(DiCecco & Gleason, 2002)

We have a variety of high-interest themes to select from that correlate with popular concepts and topics for grades 4-12.  SLPs can select from the theme of the month of from previous themes included inside SLP Elevate.

Students read more, understand more, and are more likely to continue reading when they have the opportunity to choose what they read” (Allington and Gabriel, 2012).

Various comprehension goals can be addressed through SLP Elevate.  Members learn how to explicitly teach concepts so that students can grasp it and build confidence.

Explicit vocabulary instruction and comprehension strategy instruction are two effective approaches for improving the reading comprehension of older struggling readers (Elleman, Lindo, Morphy, & Compton, 2009; Kamil et al., 2008). Direct instruction in word meaning that goes beyond definition teaching to include deep processing activities including generating examples and nonexamples and creating semantic maps are effective for increasing the vocabulary knowledge of older struggling readers (Bryant, Goodwin, Bryant, & Higgins, 2003). When it comes to comprehension strategy instruction, three particular areas that show consistent positive effects for older struggling readers are learning strategies for identifying the main idea, summarizing the text, and self-regulating or monitoring learning strategies while reading (Wanzek, Wexler, Vaughn, & Cuillo, 2010; Solis et al., 2012).

Why should SLPs focus on language and how does it impact reading?  In order to be an effective reader, students need to have decoding skills and language comprehension.  We can address vocabulary, background knowledge, verbal reasoning, syntax, and more through speech-language therapy.

Children with better oral language skills are also better readers

– Rogde et al., 2019

Text structure intervention—teaching students to focus on the organization of expository or narrative texts using strategies like summarization or graphic organizers—helps with reading comprehension. For children struggling with academic texts, teaching text structures may be a quicker path to success than working on language skills alone.

– Rogde et al., 2019

Spectacular SLP Price

$29/month or $275/year (save $73!)

If you've followed me for long, you know I am all about making things simple and fun.

Expect a community with likeminded SLPs that love to have fun and love what they do, too!

Try the SLP Elevate Membership with a 7-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee.

No long-term commitments required. Simply contact us for a refund within a week if you aren’t seeing any changes in:

  • The time you spend planning and prepping your lessons

  • The stress you feel with trying to adapt resources to mixed groups

  • The amount of scrolling you do on TPT

  • The level of connection and support you feel with other SLP’s

The best way to find out if the SLP Elevate Membership is right for you, is to experience the resources, how-to videos, “Ask Me Anything” sessions, and the awesome community support of the exclusive Facebook group. 

100% risk-free

If it’s not making your work much easier and more enjoyable then feel free to cancel at anytime.

You truly can have more ease and confidence while also getting your precious time back, I’m here to support you every step of the way!

Still Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

The resources found in SLP Elevate cannot be found anywhere else.  Are they similar styles to my TpT resources...yes!  But they are completely unique and helps you reduce the materials overwhelm.  I give you just what you need so you can keep it simple and use the materials with as many groups as possible!

Absolutely not!

I’m trying to STOP the scroll for resources that leads to a pile of paper you still need work to understand.

These resources are ready-to-go.

With the how-to videos and the “Ask Me Anything” sessions you’ll be able to confidently utilize the materials in multiple ways to meet the needs of your older students.

How big of a time-saver? Resources you can just hit “print” on and modify over and over again.

Now you’ll have to find another excuse for your endless coffee habit!

As a public school SLP with a 60-student caseload, I get you.

I’ve made resources where you can work on everything from language to main idea to inference in a mixed group.

Each kid gets what they need, AND they learn from each other.

It’s all about the “benjamins” (opps, nope, it’s all about the “fun connection”).

When kids are having fun with the resources and connect more to the material, you’ll see way more growth.

No way!

I know you’re likely spending your own money on resources, so I make them last as long as possible.

I’ll show you more in the how-to videos on how I use every resource across mixed groups.

And make them last for multiple sessions each. 

For many of you, this bundle and the supplementary free materials list will cover the bulk of your monthly planning for older kids.


I work with older kids (5th-6th), so I make resources older kids can relate to visually and topic-wise.


We’re talking photos of older children at school and resources focused on their favorite sports and video games.

No more talking bunnies that start the eye rolls and crossed-arms.

You get ready-to-use resources to have the bulk of your older kids' lessons planned for the month.  

Over 100 pages of printable resources and digital resources too!

Literacy-based activities through fiction and nonfiction texts that are at the appropriate reading levels for your older students (even if they are reading below grade level!)

Goals covered: main idea, wh questions, summarizing, inferencing, cause/effect, problem solution, perspective taking, conversation starters, conjunctions, context clues using Tier 2 vocabulary words, author's purpose, and so much more!

And support from myself and the other SLP’s in the exclusive Facebook group. SLP party in the Facebook group!

As well as the training sessions and how-to videos.

The $29 monthly investment would barely cover one set of resources from TPT.

Each month's resources are unique and you can’t get anything like it anywhere else.

Monthly subscriptions are billed month to month. Annual subscriptions are billed year to year. No contract. No obligation. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

Join SLP Elevate for only

$29/month or $275/year (save $73!)


The membership isn’t right for you if:


I get it, planning can be super fun.

It’s like creating the blueprints of the house before you go in and ask the kids to grab a hammer.

I certainly don’t want to take that experience from you if you’re already planning like a pro and have achieved a work-life balance you brag about.


This is what grad school actually gets right.

We get so much theory and practice with younger kids that it’s almost like they forget older kids exist.

If you only work with younger kids, my resources and trainings won’t speak to you.

This bundle will have those hard to come by resources and tips specifically tailored towards older kids.


I’m obviously someone who loves figuring things out and testing new resources (why do you think I have so much to share on TPT!).

But there is a balance that needs to be struck between spending hours reinventing the wheel and spending that time with my family and friends.

I create resources to help myself and others save some time in the process.

If it’s your jam to dive into learning new resources every session and you really don’t want to give it up or need to save time, then by all means — enjoy it!

This program is absolutely for anyone who:

  • Spends hours a month scrolling on TPT

  • Has a bad habit of collecting resources… and only using them once or twice

  • Struggles to adapt one resource into multi-group activities

  • Doesn’t quite have their footing as an SLP (they don’t teach us the older kids in grad school! Why are we teaching them this, again?)

  • Works with older students

  • Wants some inspiration via creative resources… feels bored and like their students are bored

  • Would love to have other SLP’s support them and to ask questions of

  • Wants the days of being the last car in the school parking lot to be over

Ready to elevate your SLP therapy room?

Helping you get kids laughing and chatting away

For me, speech is all about creating fun.

Fun = connection over data collection.

Using high-interest resources that are at THEIR LEVEL so they feel confident and willing to take risks.


Gone are the days of scrolling for hours online looking for inspiration or having to bring your laptop to bed to try to relieve the anxiety of the next day's activities.

I know you can have success. Because I use my resources TOO! I balance parenting, time with my husband, and our typical hefty caseloads — by using the resources in fun, smart, multifaceted ways.

Buh bye burnout!

"These organizers are going to make me look and feel confident in approaching my teachers and special ed teachers with how I can help support our shared students!!!!!"


The shift is possible for you. I wasn’t always as confident as an SLP as I am now.

Sure, experience helps. But beyond that it’s a mindset shift toward connection and fun. Bonus! No more data collection taking over your life.

I want to show you it doesn’t have to be a choice between your time OR your students' success.

You truly can have your cake and eat it too with the SLP Elevate Membership!

Will you even know what to do with your new found free time!?

Sneak in those ever elusive date nights with your partner, take the kids to grab ice cream, give the dog a good romp around the park.

Imagine it’s going that well at home AND your therapy room full of chatty, smiley kids.

You deserve having it all.

Also if you like to have other SLP’s who understand exactly what you are going through; who can lend an ear, or a super on-point meme to cheer you up…

Then maybe you would benefit from the support you could get from all of us in the membership.

I’d love to meet you in the exclusive Facebook group and build our happy little SLP Tribe. Join us today!

Ready to have the bulk of your older kids lessons essentially planned for you each month? 


Join the SLP Elevate Membership for only

$29/Month or $275/Year

Join us now.

*Cancel at any time

Here's what you get when you join.

Monthly bundle of high interest themed materials that can be used to address a variety of goals

Training on how to use a simple system to figure out where to start with goals and daily activities

Tutorials on how to adapt and use materials provided

Support of an exclusive Facebook community

Direct line to Hallie support line to ask questions

Enroll today and start planning with ease and confidence with your older speech students!







$275 billed yearly

Save $73/year

Plan Includes:

  • Monthly high-interest-themed materials
  • Training on how to use goals & daily activities
  • Tutorials on how to adapt & use materials
  • Support of an exclusive Facebook community
  • Weekly ask me anything calls 

Plus get option for access to even more resources!



Submit a Purchase Order request to have your school use their funds for the SLP Elevate annual membership!

Complete the form to request tickets using a purchase order!



(no credit card)


  • SLP Baseline Tool & Bonus Tutorials
  • How to set effective and appropriate goals
  • How to elevate your strategy
  • What curriculum to incorporate
  • Applying reading level knowledge

Feel confident teaching the right stuff and setting appropriate goals to see results!

"I appreciate having material to target the majority of my students' goals in one place."

Tracie Higgins

"Thank you so much for the summer bundle..I cant wait to use it! I am working mostly with hs autistic kiddos so I am really working on a lot of writing, social skills and perspectives. You have given us soo much valuable resources already..this is money well spent I have to say!!"


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